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The Best Local Pop Musicians In Durham, NC

If you live in or around Durham, North Carolina and are a pop fan, you are probably curious to know if there are any good pop musicians who are from your area. Luckily, there are a lot of different ways for you to discover all of the very best pop musicians in Durham, Raleigh and other local areas.

First of all, try looking at the music that is uploaded on your favorite social media websites. When you use these websites, you can look for bands and artists based on both genre and the Read More..

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Where To Apply for Artist Jobs in Durham, NC

For new artists and struggling musicians in Durham, finding the chance to enjoy greater professional success can be a very important concern. Breaking into the music business, building a larger audience and fan base and ensuring that you are able to enjoy the level of success you are in search of are not considerations that [...]

How To Audition For a Durham, NC Gig

Whether you are a musician, stand-up comedian, or any other kind of performer, there is a good chance that you find yourself looking for available gigs on a fairly regular basis. After all, finding and auditioning for gigs is a great way to keep your career going strong and to get the word out about [...]

The Best Bars In Durham, NC With Live Music

Whether you are a resident of Durham or just visiting the area, you will find a vibrant music scene with venues that provide some great live entertainment. Without even leaving the city limits, music fans will discover a diverse variety of bars and taverns to choose from. Broad Street Cafe, located at 1116 Broad Street, [...]

Restaurants In Durham, NC That Play Good Music

Live music can be found at various locations in Durham, North Carolina but it is the wonderful local musicians there that make the city more upbeat. With venues and musicians ranging from country to pure hip hop and oldies there is sure to be something for everyone’s ears when night falls. Local musicians there will [...]

Most Popular Types Of Music In Durham, NC

The city of Durham in NC has a wide array of citizens, and a very wide nationality base, and for this reason, the genres of music that people listen to varies as well. However, the most popular forms of music in the city of Durham include country and bluegrass, as well as some forms of [...]

Upcoming Concerts In Durham, North Carolina

People that live in Durham can prepare to be entertained by all of the acts that are coming to town. Even people that are visiting the city can get a chance to see some of the hottest acts in music with all of the upcoming concerts that are scheduled to take place. Loretta Lynn is [...]

Cheap Concerts To Go To In Durham, NC

I have found some good options for affordable concerts in Durham, NC. Most highlight undiscovered local talent of all genres. The best way to find all cheap events is through news sources or social media. Acts and venues always post new tour dates to websites. Check postings on sites about Durham to view upcoming concerts. [...]